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Socially Just Assessment Podcast Series

Campus Labs has brought together experts across the field of higher education to create a podcast series that provides in-depth conversation on just a selection of the many nuanced topics that fall under the umbrella of socially just assessment. Each of these conversations focuses on a singular topic and is meant to deepen the listener's understanding of critical issues assessment professionals deal with in their day-to-day work.

Episode 1: Culturally Responsive Assessment

A discussion with Natasha and Erick about their 2017 paper Equity and Assessment: Moving Towards Culturally Responsive Assessment, the follow up thoughts and conversations they’ve had on that topic since its publication, and what NILOA is doing to develop and curate resources that higher education professionals can use to be more culturally responsive in their assessment practices.

Dr. Natasha Jankowski: Director and Research Assistant Professor with the Department of Education Policy, Organization and Leadership at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Erick Montenegro: Communications Coordinator, doctoral student in the Education Policy, Organization and Leadership program at the University of Illinois.

Episode 2: Critical Theory as a Framework to Advance Equity Through Student Affairs Assessment

A conversation with Ciji, Joe and Krista about the ideas in their article Examining Critical Theory as a Framework to Advance Equity Through Student Affairs Assessment in the April 2017 issue of the Journal of Student Affairs Inquiry including a discussion about how they define critical theory, why it is relevant to the assessment conversation and key concepts for practitioners to be aware of as they begin to engage in this work.

Ciji Heiser, Director of Assessment and Effectiveness at Western Michigan University
Joe Levy, Executive Director of Assessment and Accreditation at National Louis University
Krista Prince, Coordinator for Leadership Development at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Episode 3: Socially Just Assessment

A conversation with Brian about how he views, historically, the relationship between assessment and diversity, equity and inclusion in higher education, why it’s important to bring these two conversations together in intentional ways and how he views the role of assessment with social justice?

Dr. Brian Bourke, faculty member in the Postsecondary Education master's and P-20 Leadership doctoral program.

Episode 4: Diversity, Inclusion, Equity and Assessment: Graduate School Preparation for Future Student Affairs Practitioners

A conversation with Ramona, Gavin and Brian about how their higher education graduate programs are organized to address diversity, equity and inclusion and assessment and what they think students who are graduating from higher education student affairs programs today need to be culturally responsive and socially just in their assessment practices.

Dr. Ramona Lewis, Program Coordinator for the Educational Leadership in Higher Education Masters Program at Western Michigan University
Dr. Brian Bourke, faculty member in the Postsecondary Education master's and P-20 Leadership doctoral programs
Dr. Gavin Henning, Professor of Higher Education and Program Director, Doctorate of Education, MS in Higher Education Administration, and MS in Campus Public Safety Administration and the current President of CAS – the Council for the Advancement of Standards.

Episode 5: The Connections between Decolonization, Social Justice and Assessment

A conversation with Lesley about how she has been putting the intersection between decolonization and assessment into practice – personally, professionally, and organizationally on campus.

Lesley D’Souza, Manager Student Affairs Communications, University of Ontario Institute of Technology

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