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Elevate 2019, July 14-16

* Schedule is subject to change

Featured Presenters

The Elevate stage hosted many great experts and ideas last year and we’re thrilled to bring you more impressive thought-leadership for the 2019 conference.

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Walter Kimbrough profile image

Dr. Marilee Bresciani Ludvik

San Diego State University

We are pleased to announce Dr. Marilee Bresciani Ludvik, professor of postsecondary educational leadership at San Diego State University, as the keynote speaker for our 2nd Annual Elevate conference.

With a combined three decades of higher ed administrative and faculty experience, Dr. Bresciani Ludvik is focusing her talk on the innovative ways translational neuroscience can be used to improve student learning and well-being.

Dr. Bresciani Ludvik’s work with translational neuroscience seeks to evolve the way we look at assessment and learning, using mindful compassion practices to inform the design and evaluation of workshops, curriculum, and coaching practices. Her focus in this area drives the integration of interdisciplinary knowledge to optimize student learning and development—bringing an exciting and fresh inspiration for Elevate attendees.

In addition to her unique educational effectiveness work, Dr. Bresciani Ludvik has helped empower hundreds of institutions and their leadership, authored more than 200 scholarly articles and has written a dozen books, the most recent of which is entitled The Neuroscience of Learning and Development.

We look forward to the thrilling perspectives Dr. Bresciani Ludvik will bring to Elevate and to all our attendees!

Additional Speakers

Susan Riley profile image

Susan Riley

Director of Institutional Effectiveness

University of Cincinnati - Clermont

Topic: Susan’s presentation will focus on an institutional approach to improving student learning.

Elevate fact: University of Cincinnati - Clermont was a 2018 Campus Labs Awards All Star winner!

Jennifer Wells profile image

Jennifer Wells, PhD

Director of Assessment, Kennesaw University

Editor, Council for the Advancement of Standards

Topic: Jennifer is presenting on launching a campus-wide continuous improvement program and on using CAS Standards in your assessment work.

Elevate fact: Jennifer was a 2018 Campus Labs Awards Champion winner!

Paulette Di Angi profile image

Paulette Di Angi, PhD

Director of Institutional Effectiveness, Associate Professor

MGH Institute of Health Professions

Topic: Paulette’s presentation will focus on a faculty-driven approach for course evaluation instrument design.

Elevate fact: MGH Health Institute of Health Professions was a 2018 Campus Labs Awards Trailblazer winner!

Sedef Smith profile image

Sedef Smith, PhD

Executive Director, Instruction & Faculty

University of Houston - Downtown

Topic: Sedef’s presentation will focus on crafting a balanced approach to evaluation and a data-driven culture.

Elevate fact: University of Houston - Downtown was a 2018 Campus Labs Awards All Star winner!

Mike Metzger profile image

Mike Metzger

Special Assistant to the Vice Chancellor

University of Massachusetts - Boston

Topic: Mike’s presentation will discuss creating a data-centric division of student affairs.

Elevate fact: University of Massachusetts – Boston was a 2018 Campus Labs Awards Rising Star winner!

Kristi Kneas profile image

Kristi Kneas, PhD

Dean for Academic Affairs and Faculty Development

Elizabethtown College

Topic: Kristi’s presentation will focus on engaging faculty and gaining buy-in for classroom assessment.

Elevate fact: Elizabethtown College was a 2018 Campus Labs Awards Rising Star winner!

Theresa Ennis profile image

Theresa Ennis, PhD

Director of University Assessment

Tennessee Technological University

Topic: Theresa’s presentation will focus on successful adoption of Campus Labs assessment and course evaluation tools.

Elevate fact: Tennessee Technological University was a 2017 Campus Labs Awards All Star winner and Theresa was a 2018 Campus Labs Awards Champion winner!

Tanya Williams profile image

Tanya Williams

Assistant Director of Assessment

Office of Institutional Research and Assessment

Hood College

Topic: Tanya’s presentation will focus on identifying activities and creating high-impact ePortfolios.

Dyan L. Jones profile image

Dyan L. Jones, PhD

Associate Provost for Institutional Effectiveness

Associate Professor of Physics

Mercyhurst University

Topic: Dyan is presenting on how personal engagement enables students to apply academic knowledge and skills in developing critical insight about themselves and others, their mission, and civic responsibility.

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