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Elevate 2019, July 14-16

Elevate 2018

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What to Expect at Elevate

Last year we launched our Elevate Conference and invited our Member Campuses to come together to share the benefits of their teaching and learning solutions. This year we’re expanding our reach to explore how Member Campuses are moving towards better assessment, ePortfolio, and course evaluation solutions.

Here’s a few of our conference highlights you can expect at Elevate.

Professional networking opportunities are abundant at Elevate conference! With like-minded professionals coming together from near and far, a great variety of ideas will be shared to help positively evolve the work being done both on and off campus.

Curated educational sessions are at the heart of Elevate and will give you an inside look into the best practices to further your improvement and accountability efforts. Presented by Campus Labs and Member Campuses alike, all presentations will have student learning and data practices at the forefront, while allowing for you to select sessions that are just right for your area of expertise and product set.

The Fun Night Out is going to be conference gala like no other. This private event takes place at an exclusive, reserved venue and will allow attendees the chance to get to know their peers in a fun and relaxing atmosphere over good food, libations, and entertainment.

Are you ready to create some Elevate memories? Whether you attended last year or you're attending your first Elevate in 2019, you can be sure that it'll be a memorable occasion!

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“This is such a unique conference because it is geared toward a specific function in higher ed. However, we have the opportunity to meet and dialogue with a variety of individuals. The logisitcs of this conference are well planned and well though out. This is one of the better conferences I have the opportunity to attend and I hope to attend again in the future.”

Britney Squire

Fort Hays State University