Elevate 2018, June 28-29

Call for Proposals

We know the best people to share our Member Campus stories are our Member Campuses, so Elevate 2018 will feature sessions led by campus professionals near and far. These sessions will provide an opportunity for the exchange of ideas, innovations, and best practices. Share the great work you do every day to advance teaching and learning on campus and engage both faculty and students using your course evaluation platforms.

Interested in presenting with another Member Campus? Contact our team.

"What’s needed is a careful review of current approaches to evaluating classroom interactions, a focus on holistic assessment, and a more thoughtful use of actionable data for better teaching and learning."

- JD White, PhD, Vice President, Product Management

Selection Timeline

  • Call for Proposals opens:
    February 12, 2018
  • Call for Proposals closes:
    Deadline Extended to March 29, 2018

Program Topics

Our attendees come from all corners of academic affairs (and beyond) and are open to a range of topics, but just to get your brain started, here are some ideas:

  • Tips for successful evaluation roll-out
  • Response rates and evaluation encouragements
  • Engaging students in the evaluation process
  • Evaluating experiential learning courses
  • Use and application of evaluation results
  • Developing evaluation questions
  • Engaging and supporting faculty in the evaluation process
  • Technical integrations
  • Building or running a teaching & learning center
  • Working with adjunct faculty
  • Faculty development
  • Partnering with IT
  • Incorporating general education assessment
  • Using evaluation results in curriculum design
  • Using formative assessment techniques and instant feedback
  • Emerging or innovative teaching practices
  • And more!

Submission Guidelines

Elevate 2018 will feature a variety of session formats. Please be sure to incorporate time for questions and answers at the end. We hope to offer opportunities for member campuses to engage with each other and generate new ideas to take back to campus, so as part of the proposal process we ask you to highlight what you want all attendees to learn from your presentation and how you will create an opportunity for the audience to interact with you and the content.

  • Will this session be of high value to attendees?
  • Does this proposal address a “hot topic” at institutions today?
  • Does this presentation offer an opportunity for attendees to interact with the presenter and/or the content?
  • Does this presentation incorporate the use or goals of your teaching and learning methods on campus?