Connect 2018, June 25-27

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June 25, 2018

8:45 - 11:45am

Pre-Conference Sessions

12:00 - 1:30pm

Welcome Luncheon

1:45 - 2:45pm

Educational Session 1

1:45 - 2:45pm | Vanda North

Behind the Hoodies: How EdTech Is Made

Curious about the software development process and better ways to work with internal and external IT teams? Learn more about these topics and how to approach your campus IT colleagues with projects or ideas. Bring an inquisitive mindset and an idea of a program or service you want to improve, as there will be time to quietly apply concepts from the session to your idea. Participants will acquire a library of new terminology and resources for continued inquiry.

Presented By: Ryan O'Connell - Senior Product Manager, Campus Labs
Buddy Rodgers - Software Development Manager, Campus Labs

1:45 - 2:45pm | Eria

User Research: Student Engagement vs. User Engagement

The word engagement has seemingly morphed and expanded over the last few years. Bring your institutional perspective as we collaboratively try to (re)define and shape the future.

Note: During Connect, members of our design and development team want to hear about your user experience. Please join us for a user research session during the conference. Sessions have a limited number of participants to ensure a great discussion. RSVP via the Connect app or Corq. Please sign up for a maximum of two (2) sessions to allow for a representation of diverse experiences in each session.

1:45 - 2:45pm | Caladenia

Exploring the Value, Benefits, and Features of ECIA and Paths

Discover how you can benefit from using the Event Check-in app or Paths functionality in Engage on your campus. We will present a live in-app tour to demonstrate how each works, showcase how your students can engage with these tools, and share best practices from Member Campuses.

Presented By: Melissa LaRosa Austin - Assistant Director, Campus Relations, Campus Labs
Wes McCormack - Assistant Director, Campus Relations, Campus Labs

1:45 - 2:45pm | Vanda South

Managing Risk and Liability for Student Org Events

There is little doubt that events hosted by student organizations often involve risk and liability. In response to the significant level of Indiana University policies on student organization programming, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis has created an innovative, effective, and standard process that minimizes the risk and liability involved in these events. This process also allows for significant data collection and educational opportunities for all stakeholders in student organization events, programs, and activities.

Presented By: Juliana Jalal - Coordinator for Student Organizations, Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis

1:45 - 2:45pm | Cattleya

Promoting Corq as Your Primary Event Feed

In this session, SUNY Oneonta will discuss how CORQ users grew from zero in March 2016 to 1,864 by February 2017. Move-in day, orientation, and general marketing all played a role, but it also took a willingness to give up other platforms that were keeping us from having a single, comprehensive event app.

Presented By: Bill Harcleroad - Director of Campus Activities & Leadership, SUNY Oneonta

1:45 - 2:45pm | Laelia

Building Engagement with Subject Matter Experts

At the University of Rochester, the Campus Community Connection (CCC) Squad and the Connect with the CCC Squad event were created to utilize students and staff as Engage subject matter experts. Learn about the approach and how the squad's main objective is to increase individual awareness around Engage user profiles, experiences, involvement records, and roster management.

Presented By: David South - Application Admistrator and Analyst, University of Rochester

1:45 - 2:45pm | Ida

Training in the Student Time Zone

Student organizations receive support at all of our campuses. How they receive that support has changed. Join the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater staff as they share how they used a series of short online trainings (through their platform) to provide each group with an opportunity to receive the information when it's most useful to them.

Presented By: Kimberly Clarksen - Assistant Director, University of Wisconsin - Whitewater

1:45 - 2:45pm | Stanhopea

Integrating Student Org Finances into Engage

Come learn about Vanderbilt University's success with integrating student organization financial information into our Engage platform. We’ll review our planning process and timeline, as well as potential methods for integrating this information. We’ll also offer some tips on communicating information and processes with student groups.

Presented By: Josh Gianitsis - Coordinator, Assessment and Special Projects, Vanderbilt University

1:45 - 2:45pm | Calypso

Baseline 101

Attendees should currently have access to Baseline to attend this session. We’ll cover an overview of all Baseline assessment tools, including how data from Engage feeds into Baseline to facilitate streamlined assessment of student leaders, event attendees, student interests, and outcomes. The session will also weave in examples of how Member Campuses have used Baseline to assess engagement. We’ll also highlight ways in which the Campus Labs consultation team can support similar assessment efforts from start to finish.

Presented By: Rohan Thakkar - Consultant, Campus Labs

2:55 - 3:55pm

Educational Session 2

2:55 - 3:55pm | Ida

Train the Trainer

You’ve worked hard to build out a great-looking site and move all your processes online. But if your users don't know how to utilize the platform, you won't get the most out of your hard work. This session will provide you with practical techniques for training your students, faculty, and staff to use your platform and help you drive engagement.

Presented By: Kelly Ormsby - Specialized Consultant, Campus Labs

2:55 - 3:55pm | Stanhopea

But I Didn't Major in Marketing! Strategies for Marketing Your Engage Platform

For those of us without a background in marketing, advertising events and programs to our students can be unexpected challenge. Campus Labs staff will facilitate this introductory and interactive marketing training about what they didn’t teach you in graduate school! You’ll walk away from this training with a few new ideas on how to build student excitement and interest in your programs and involvement opportunities.

Presented By: Eric Gudmundson - Consultant, Campus Labs
Brandon Price - Consultant, Campus Labs

2:55 - 3:55pm | Cattleya

Collaborating to Implement Best Practices

Hear how Dickinson College utilized available resources to form connections beyond one department, division, and college to implement effective and sustainable best practices. This session will demonstrate how curiosity and collaboration were key elements to the successful adoption of Engage at a small liberal arts college.

Presented By: Jessee Vasold - Program Coordinator, Dickinson College

2:55 - 3:55pm | Laelia

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: Campus Partners and Event Risk Management

Bringing partners from across campus together for any reason can be challenging. Come learn how Drexel University utilizes Engage’s Event Request Form to ensure all campus partners are involved. This has helped Drexel improve events, increase students' development through the event planning process, and mitigate the risk around these events.

Presented By: Sarah Olsen - Director of Student Involvement and Leadership, Campus Engagement, Drexel University
Jennifer Tifone - Assistant Director of Campus Engagement, Drexel University

2:55 - 3:55pm | Caladenia

Student Leader Training: A Path to Education

Learn how Texas Lutheran University transitioned their Student Organization Training (SOT) to a digital format utilizing the Paths Module in Engage. TLU will provide details on how they streamlined the education, completion tracking, and assessment focus by increasing platform adoption.

Presented By: Andella Janicek - Director of Student Activities, Texas Lutheran University

2:55 - 3:55pm | Calypso

Mapping the Student Experience

Project CEO supports the philosophy that participating in co-curricular experiences is beneficial to students. But how can institutions help students connect their participation to overall learning and development? Stephen F. Austin State University and the University of Missouri have implemented two approaches to co-curricular mapping that help students align their involvement to institutional outcomes.

Presented By: Kenna Cornelius - Coordinator, Student Organizations, University of Missouri
Lacey Folsom - Director of Student Engagement, Stephen F. Austin State University

2:55 - 3:55pm | Vanda South

Software Development AMA

A panel of designers and developers will walk through a typical day and take questions during this Ask Me Anything session.

2:55 - 3:55pm | Vanda North

Inside the GivePulse Collaboration

Civic engagement is about more than tracking time. Learn the lexicon and advanced strategies that campuses across North America are employing to promote, manage, and document the civic engagement of students. Following the presentation and a demonstration of the GivePulse integration, we’ll open up the floor for questions.

Presented By: George Luc - Chief Civic Evangelist and Co-Founder, GivePulse
Ryan O’Connell - Senior Product Manager, Campus Labs

4:05 - 5:05pm

Educational Session 3

4:05 - 5:05pm | Stelis

Managing a Division-Wide Event Process

Boise State University created a division-wide event request process to lead assessment efforts and better support students' event planning. The collected data helps inform future campus partnership strategy decisions, the student experience, and leadership development. Participants will acquire a practical understanding of using the event request tool to inform future student development and support outcomes.

Presented By: Suzannah Lott - Program Coordinator, Boise State University
America Yorita-Carrion - Student Organizations Coordinator, Boise State University

4:05 - 5:05pm | Calypso

Migration: It's Not Just for the Birds

Come meet with a few of your Engage migration team members and learn more about the process of migrating from OrgSync to Engage! After a brief Engage demo, we’ll walk through the training and data migration processes, and communication plans. We’ll also review some considerations in deciding when to begin your transition and officially launch. If you’ve been wondering what the process of making the switch to Engage entails, this is the session for you!

Presented By: Nate Adams - Manager, Training, Campus Labs
Jennifer Atzenhoffer - Regional Manager, Campus Labs

4:05 - 5:05pm | Stanhopea

Co-Curricular Paths Workshop: Pre-Conference Follow-up Session

Attendees of the Co-Curricular Paths Pre-Conference session are invited to join us for this hands-on Paths building session. Now that you’ve conceptualized the path(s) you hope to build in your community, we’ll use this time to strategically begin the building process. This session is intended for individuals who attended the Paths pre-conference session or are actively in the process of building out a co-curricular path for their campus.

Presented By: Katie Felton - Senior Consultant, Campus Labs

4:05 - 5:05pm | Laelia

Engage-ing Partnerships: The UConn Story

Join UConn's adventure in expanding Engage to meet the needs of four Regional Campuses, Community Outreach, Residential Life, RSOs, and Divisional Metrics Collection. This session discusses key partnerships and conversations, Engage platform expansion points, data sharing needs, and how to bring the Division of Student Affairs to Engage.

Presented By: Kristen Carr - Coordinator of Involvement and Student Org Support, University of Connecticut

4:05 - 5:05pm | Vanda South

Student Staff and the Registration Process: Training, Support, and Motivation

Do you have student staff who assist in reviewing organization registrations (or have you thought about doing this)? An Engage campus will share tips and tricks, honed over more than six years, related to priming these students for success in the sometimes challenging and sometimes mundane process of organization registration.

Presented By: Kasie Strahl - Organization Advising & Technology Specialist, University of Wisconsin-Madison
TJ Sargent - Assistant Director of Organization Advising & Technology, University of Wisconsin-Madison

4:05 - 5:05pm | Cattleya

Forget the Survey: Using Student Engagement Data to Drive Decision-Making

Engage is a robust platform that holds and collects extremely useful information about the student experience. Discover how to utilize student data and the existing reports in Engage to identify areas of success and growth, as well as to tell your involvement story better.

Presented By: Josh Gianitsis - Coordinator, Assessment and Special Projects, Vanderbilt University

4:05 - 5:05pm | Vanda North

Data Services for Dummies

Data services like feeds, automated reports, and application programming interfaces (APIs) are the infrastructure of the internet and allow different systems to work together. Learn the terminology and basic concepts behind these services in an environment designed for non-technical professionals. Take your new understanding back to your campus to start conversations about broadening the impact of your student engagement data.

Presented By: Jonathan Leight - Software Developer, Campus Labs
Brendan Moriarty - Information Systems Coordinator, Emory University
Ryan O’Connell - Senior Product Manager, Campus Labs

4:05 - 5:05pm | Caladenia

Insights from Engagement: Transforming Your Approach

What if making informed decisions about engagement were easier? And what if your decisions were powered by real-time data? Campus Labs Insight helps you achieve your goals and much more by using individual and aggregate data from co-curricular engagement. When data is compiled in accessible dashboards, staff from all levels of your division can be empowered. Don't wait for reports—benefit from real-time data throughout the year and make meaningful, evidence-based decisions to advance your Student Affairs division.

Presented By: Anne Lundquist - Assistant Vice President, Campus Adoption, Campus Labs

5:15 - 6:15pm

Dr. Sonja Ardoin

Dr. Sonja Ardoin is a nationally reputed scholar in the emerging field of first-generation student success. Wearing multiple career hats, Sonja is a learner, educator, scholar, speaker, facilitator, and author. Her path has taken her across a variety of areas, including student activities, leadership development, community engagement, fraternity and sorority life, student conduct, and academic advising.

She is profiled by the Chronicle of Higher Education in 2016 and 2018 and was appointed to the inaugural Advocacy Group for NASPA’s new Center for First Generation Student Success. Sonja is proud of her first-generation college student to Ph.D. educational journey, with degrees from Louisiana State University, Florida State University, and North Carolina State University. She authored The Strategic Guide to Shaping Your Student Affairs Career (2014) and College Aspirations and Access in Working-Class Rural Communities (2017) and she studies college access and success, social class identity, student and women’s leadership, and student affairs career.

Visit her website to learn more about Sonja’s professional experience.

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