Connect 2017, July 18-29

Co-Curricular Learning Track

Sessions about designing, implementing, and evaluating co-curricular learning experiences and initiatives.

Tuesday, July 18

* Schedule is subject to change

1:45 - 2:45 PM | San Antonio B

Co-Curricular Paths: From Concept to Execution

Students have more options than ever when it comes to customizing their on-campus experience. More and more campuses are creating co-curricular paths to encourage students’ involvement in experiences outside of the classroom. These programs not only showcase the variety and depth of opportunities, but also help students become more connected to campus. Campus Labs staff will demonstrate how the co-curricular tool allows campuses to measure and document the co-curricular experiences that extend beyond classroom learning.

Presented By: Wes McCormack - Consultant, Campus Labs
Katie Felton - Consultant, Campus Labs

1:45 - 2:45 PM | State Room 1

From CONNECT to ENGAGE: Campus-Wide Curriculums

Curriculums are not just about credits and courses. While Academic and Student Affairs can have different missions common ground is found in engaging students. This session will address how Rowan University partnered across campus to implement co-curricular paths in leadership programs, student success initiatives, and an academic college.  All of these leveraged the Paths feature to foster student engagement, increase student learning, all towards a common goal of student success.

Presented By: Katherine Kealey - Assistant Director, Rowan University
Dr. Drew Tinnin - Senior Director, Rowan University

3:00 - 4:30 PM | San Antonio A

George Mason University's "Patriot Experience"

The Patriot Experience at George Mason University (Fairfax, VA) captures student involvement beyond the classroom through four pathways: Career Readiness, Civic Learning & Community Engagement, Global & Multicultural Competency, and Well-Being. This session tours the Patriot Experience, a series of co-curricular paths within our student engagement platform, explores how it was built, and includes a live demonstration of Mason's Co-Curriculum with an interactive Q&A.

Presented By: Rebecca Keatinge - Graduate Professional Assistant, George Mason University

3:00 - 4:30 PM | State Room 2

CCT, CSR, CCR: The Alphabet Soup of Student Involvement Records

Has your institution tried, succeeded, or even failed at articulating student involvement in a transcript, credential, or other official record? Join us for a facilitated activity and discussion about the role of student involvement professionals in higher education’s efforts to create a comprehensive student record. Participation in the workshop will require attendees to reflect on personal experience participating in, administering, or developing a student involvement record. This session will be open to a limited number of attendees to allow for effective group interaction

Presented By: Kevin Kruger - President, NASPA
Annemieke Rice - Vice President, Campus Success, Campus Labs

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Wednesday, July 19

10:15 - 11:15 AM | State Room 3

Co-Curricular Records, Eh?: The Canadian Student-Involvement, Career-Readiness, and Assessment Movement

Canada uses co-curricular records to track and showcase learning outside the classroom and help students articulate and demonstrate their skills when applying for jobs, internships, and further study. This session will adress the different approaches in the US and Canada, Canada's CCR Community of Practice, and McGill University's new skills-development programs for undergraduate and graduate students.

Presented By: Tim Wilfong - Co-Curricular Record Program Administrator, McGill University

1:15 - 2:30 PM | San Antonio A

Think Globally. Act Locally: Lessons Learned in Year One of Incorporating a Co-Curricular Transcript and Student Engagement Platform

This session will explore how the University of Minnesota implemented a new platform and a plan for using the CCT in the first year of adoption of this new system. It will also be an opportunity for discussion and for others to share what they've learned in implementing these projects on their campuses.

Presented By: Erik Dussault - Assistant Director, University of Minnesota

2:45 - 3:45 PM | State Room 3

Assessing Student Learning and Engagement with Campus Labs Baseline

Are you interested in learning more about Campus Labs Baseline, including how its tools can help measure student learning and engagement? Then this session is for you! Attendees will get an overview of all Baseline assessment tools, including how data from Engage feeds into Baseline to facilitate streamlined assessment of student leaders, event attendees, student interests, and outcomes. The session will also weave in examples of how Member Campuses have used Baseline to assess engagement, along with ways in which the Campus Labs consultation team can support such assessment efforts from start to finish.

Presented By: Maureen Halton - Associate Director, Campus Labs
Thursday, July 20

9:00 - 10:00 AM | San Antonio A

Hybrid Student Leader Training:  Making the Most of Online and In Person Workshops

Have you discovered after facilitating your annual student leader training that you ran out of time?  Have you admitted your training only covers university policy, but lacks leadership development components?  Attend and learn how the Student Organization Leaders Intentional Development (SOLID) program at the University of Connecticut was enhanced through a combination of online and in person student leader training.  This program will highlight the technology and teaching methods used to advance leadership development of student organizations while ensuring awareness of university policy.   Attendees will learn what to consider and prioritize within their own student leader training through the lens of the UConn's experience.

Presented By: Kristen Carr - Student Org Support & Involvement Coordinator, University of Connecticut
Jess Kitt - Director, Campus Labs

1:15 - 2:30 PM | State Room 1

Hawk Leadership Certificate: Connecting Student Engagement Curriculum Platforms and In-Person Coaching Support

The Hawk Leadership Certificate is an opportunity for University of North Carolina at Pembroke students to develop a deeper understanding of their personal leadership capacity. This program is supported and tracked through both Co-Curricular Path reflection within Engage and one-on-one coaching. Learn about the program's development, implementation, and directions for the future.

Presented By: Bethany Wendler - Associate Director, Student Involvement and Leadership, University of North Carolina Pembroke

1:15 - 2:30 PM | San Antonio A

I’ve Been Told to Assess My Area. Now What?! An Assessment How-To

As student engagement practitioners, we know our programs have value. We also know it is important to provide data and results to demonstrate that value in a way that can be used both for accreditation and enhancement purposes. But where do we start? This session will walk you through the assessment process, providing resources to help at various stages. We’ll cover everything–from creating an assessment plan, to identifying the goals and outcomes for your program or assessment, to selecting the right assessment methods, to using results creatively and effectively telling your student engagement story.

Presented By: Maureen Halton - Associate Director, Campus Labs

2:45 - 3:45 PM | San Antonio B

Showcase Your Success: Using Involvement and Co-Curricular Transcript for Student Assessment

Involvement tools promote student success! Take a look at how Portland Community College's Student Life & Leadership Program has used OrgSync to assess student learning outcomes and highlight student involvement. In a partnership with Career Services, Student Leadership Programs have helped students capture their co-curricular work, develop a comprehensive e-portfolio and develop stronger resumes, all in OrgSync!

Presented By: Chelsea Kimmett - Assistant Coordinator for Student Leadership ,

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