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You go to great lengths to foster a vibrant online and in-person campus community, and you need equally dedicated tools to support your efforts. As a trusted leader in the field of Student Affairs, our goal is to make your administrative life more efficient so you can focus on what matters most: student engagement, learning, development and success.

Group Management

Robust tools in a centralized space give both administrators and student leaders everything they need to virtually manage, lead and engage their organizations efficiently and effectively.

Virtual Organization Management

Learn how two campuses have transformed their practice to meet the needs of their student body.

Administrative Management

Admins can maintain an up-to-date organization directory complete with detailed information and rosters, bringing data to life to identify active users, organization activity and campus-wide efforts.

Student Leader Autonomy

Allow student leaders to easily communicate with members through email, text and messaging to organize and plan upcoming events and catch up on the latest news.

Storage and Permission

Share, distribute and securely archive valuable organization documents and records, providing necessary access for each member based on their role.

Administrative Branches

Allow your departments, divisions or areas of campus life to operate independently within the system and run separate processes.

Create a space for your campus partners to grow

Collaborate with Academic Programs and Residence Life to launch a more holistic student experience.

Customizable Processes

Empower departments like Residence Life to take their processes and policies online for organization registration, events, leadership permissions and form requirements.

Multiple Locations

If you’re an institution with multiple online or in-person campuses, you can create a consistent experience for your students no matter which campus they attend.

Targeted Communications

Quickly send students and administrators timely and appropriate messages based on their role.

Organization Registration

Your campus is unique and so is your process for registering and recognizing student organizations. Take your organization registration, training and renewal process virtual.

Taking organization registration and training online

The University of South Carolina created a developmental registration experience that maximizes efficiency.

Configurable Workflow

Use powerful, easy-to-configure tools and set up your workflow to match institutional requirements.

Coordinate Shared Reviews

Using centralized discussion tools, you can make sure everyone is on the same page to define registration routing, set up notification triggers and collect organization constitutions.

Form Workflows

Create an automated and transparent process with forms smart enough to reduce your workload and get things across the finish line.

Form Logic

Make your forms smarter through page logic and question types with validation, including the ability to request the upload of supporting documentation.

Notify Appropriate Reviewers

Loop in the right people at the right time with review-by-approval level and automated notifications.

Submitter-identified Reviewers

Allow your form submitters to identify reviewers in the review process as they submit.

Secure Elections

Ignite student passion with seamless elections for campus-wide and organization officer roles. Cut out paper ballots and voting locations, letting students vote online from anywhere.

Effectively Managing Student Government Elections

Wayne State University focuses more time on student success by effectively managing elections.

Validate Eligibility

Ensure your elections are secure by easily defining eligible voters.

Showcase Candidates

Include pictures and descriptions of candidates and their platforms.

Maintain Anonymity

Unduplicated, verified and secret ballots keep privacy and security in place during elections.

Targeted Ballots

Through one link you can sequence multiple, customized ballots and eligibility lists for a seamless voting experience.

Download Online Elections PDF Build secure, anonymous online elections Watch a 15 minute demo Campus-wide Elections Made Easy

Manage Finances

Our integrated Organization Accounting & Budget Management tools allow for a multi-step, multi-reviewer workflow with a variety of permissions. You’ll have everything you need to support funding, allocation, accounting, transparency and auditing.

Demystify Your Organization Funding

Transparency has created informed and fiscally responsible students at The Stevens Institute of Technology.

Organization Accounting

  • Create financial transparency for organization leaders
  • Track finances and monitor expenses with one click
  • Support best-practices in accounting principles and auditability
  • Track expenditures against line-item allocations from budgets

Budget Management

  • Facilitate budget requests with detailed forms and line-item control
  • Handle approvals with customizable reviewer workflows
  • Support multiple budget processes simultaneously
  • Assign reviewers based on their position within an organization
  • Treasurers can review all requests in one convenient place

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