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Hassle-free online and in-person student involvement tracking.

By tracking every level engagement, you can tell a data-driven story that advances co-curricular learning at your institution. From mobile event check-ins to online attendance URLs to robust reporting for accreditation process and funding requests, Campus Labs® Engage gives you all you need to track and report on involvement anywhere.

Attendance Tracking

Gone are the days of long (and slow!) check-in lines. You can increase efficiencies by upgrading your involvement tracking and simultaneously advance your understanding of the student experience. Event leaders can easily track involvement in-person or online with any of our tracking options. Plus, attendance tracing means safer events while you gauge participation in real-time without the hassle of paper sign-in sheets.

Get Better Results: Track Attendance Early

Integrate your First-year Experience initiatives with Engage to grow student resourcefulness and build a campus culture of attendance tracking.

Event Check-in App

  • Build a consistent check-in system for events that is simple, intuitive and avoids physical contact.
  • Quickly deploy multiple check-in locations and ensure accurate participation records with unique student passes.


Functionality is compatible with proximity and barcode scanners, as well as most magnetic card readers.

Online Attendance

Attendance at virtual meetings and events can be tracked using a self-check-in URL.

Automated Processes

Participation is automatically reflected on engagement records, completes related pathway items and awards digital badges without extra effort.

Download Event Check-in App PDF Track and report on every level of student involvement Watch a 15 minute demo Live in Action: The Event Check-in app

Service Hours

Engage helps you track student service hours and aggregate that data to see the impact your students are making in their organizations and surrounding communities.

Detailed Data

Report on either individual student or organizational impact.

Economic Impact Dashboard

Determine the economic impact of the service performed by your students through visualized data.


Include your community partners with Engage’s GivePulse integration, allowing students to explore how they can impact their greater community.

Integrate service opportunities and student activities

University of Alabama at Birmingham broadened civic engagement by linking volunteer experiences and co-curricular programming.

Promote Service

This integration automatically promotes services opportunities in Engage for student to easily discover and sign up.

Document Service

Service opportunities completed through GivePulse are automatically logged on student engagement records.

Watch the Webinar Service Management - A Preview of the GivePulse Integration

Engagement Records

Help students better prepare for their next steps by documenting their co-curricular experiences. With automated and verified records, they can reflect on and highlight their valuable participation in multiple experiences on their Involvement Transcript.

Record Co-curricular Achievement and Leadership

Metropolitan Community College’s involvement record lets students see their value and show it to employers.

Co-curricular Path Progress

Use your intentional programming to guide students through meaningful learning experiences, automatically capturing their participation.

Organization Leadership and Membership

Provide students a way to showcase their various leadership roles and responsibilities in on-campus organizations.

Event Participation

Students can go beyond showing organization involvement by featuring chosen events to exhibit their campus experience.

Self-Reported Experiences

Help students customize each type of experience your campus recognizes and define requirements and approval options.

Engagement Reporting

Better understand what engagement means for your campus and how it supports student success. With instant access to configurable reports and key demographics info from your SIS, you can be confident when answering tough questions during executive meetings, the accreditation process and funding justification.

Integrating Engagement Data for Campus-wide Insights

The University of Kentucky created a campus-wide commitment to understanding and supporting students outside of the classroom.

Configurable Reports

Build and filter reports based on type to better understand student engagement.

Student demographic

Disaggregate data to uncover trends by factors like ethnicity, enrollment status, class standing, GPA and much more.

Powerful API

An advanced way for you to integrate student engagement data with other campus systems.

Integrations, Analytics and Visualizations

Campus Labs®️ Insight visualizes engagement data so you can enhance operational effectiveness, monitor KPIs and interact with dashboards to unlock a clearer understanding of the student experience.

Help your students invest in their own success.

Reimagine the possibilities that build and foster student growth and development. Share Engage information with your colleagues.

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