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Easily promote intentional programming to advance student success.

Students want to get involved, but half the battle is knowing where to look for the right opportunities. Provide an intuitive, central hub to empower students to discover opportunities tailored to their interests so they can take charge of their own co-curricular journey.

Co-curricular Paths

From orientation to leadership development to student success initiatives, our Paths tool can be used campus-wide or by individual divisions and departments to give students a clear picture of their progression and growth.

Guided pathways for student success

Two institutions share their approach using Paths that mirror advising models and mentorship programs.

Directed Paths

Clearly define and articulate co-curricular program expectations.

Clear Progress

Provide students with a meaningful view of their progress toward completion.

Visible Insight

Track participation and student reflection for a greater understanding of campus engagement.

Download the Guided Pathways PDF Help your students build connections and confidence with intentionally designed pathways

Progress Reporting

Support your competency-based approach to student success with intentional programming—allowing students to pull and review a report of their achievements.

Assessing Co-curriculums

A top example of closing the loop to understand if students are meeting intended outcomes.

Domain Completion

Visual progress meters help students easily identify remaining items for completion.

Item Details

Easily review details like title, date and description for completed requirements.

Review Reflections

Students can quickly review reflections for completed items.

Automated Badging

Enhance Path completion with the credentialing power of Campus Labs® Milestone. Digital badges and micro-credentials give your students a way to articulate the value of their experiences and provide verified proof of their competency. Help your students move confidently into the future.

Open Badges 2.0 Certified

Campus Labs is a certified issuer of digital badges and micro-credentials that conform to the IMS Global Open Badges 2.0 standard.

Cross-organizational Value

Use badges for motivation, recognition of skills, awards, program completion, or professional development.

Multiple Ways to Issue

Distribute badges to one or many learners at a time, or even to departments and organizations.

Badge to Your Capabilities

Our technology provides a framework for you to build off your existing work, providing badges with little effort.

Watch the Webinar Digital Badging and Micro-credentialing in Student Affairs Download Milestone Brochure PDF Give your students a modern way to articulate their value

Help your students invest in their own success.

Reimagine the possibilities that build and foster student growth and development. Share Engage information with your colleagues.

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