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Keeping track of all your online and in-person events shouldn’t be a burden. Campus Labs® Engage gives you a central, accessible and convenient directory to keep your event processes efficient through configurable form workflows, risk management with reviewer notifications and multiple promotion options.

Event Submission Process

Configure your process with question logic and custom RSVP questions. Help your students take part in your vibrant campus community and join virtual meetings through embeddable widgets, RSS and iCal feeds, as well as Corq—our involvement app.

Faster Responses and Less Work

Wayne State University sped up their event request response time and cut staff work by 75%.

RSVPs and Evaluations

Highly configurable RSVPs and post-event evaluations empower you to collect what’s most important before and after your event.

Progress Visibility

Students and admins can track event request submissions and communicate through the reviewer timeline.

Flexible Process

Ease the completion process for students with conditional fields that eliminate unnecessary info and ensure relevant and quality submissions.

Online Locations

Events can be exclusively online or combined with a physical location for both online and in-person attendance. Easily add clear instructions for how to access online events.

Room & Resource Integration

This straight-forward, quick integration solves challenges between student organizations and the reservations office by allowing students to reserve event spaces without disrupting current workflows on campus.

Save Time with the Room & Resource Integration

Centralized Space Requests

Aligning your request processes in one central location increases visibility and is key to streamlining the student leader experience.

Integrated Communication

Engage communicates space requests, adjustments and cancelations directly with Ad Astra, CollegeNET 25Live and Accruent EMS room and resource systems.

Virtual Fairs

Maximize the student experience by co-hosting your virtual fairs with other student affairs departments and academic programs. Organizations can register and provide a meeting URL for real-time communication during the fair.

Co-hosted Fairs

Host campus-wide fairs across multiple administrative branches that represent student organizations, departments and academic programs.

Showcase Organizations

Organization leaders will be able to share a summary of their organization profile, join option and meeting link for live chat.

Automated Engagement Tracking

Attendance engagement is tracked automatically for all students attending a virtual fair.

RSVPs, Evaluations, and Ratings

Highly configurable RSVPs, post-fair evaluations, and experience ratings empower you to collect what’s most important before and after your event.

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Thank you for recognizing and listening to the needs of our campus and building tools that we never expected to need. I am confident with these tools we will be able to provide the best student experience during these unprecedented times.

MK Tyler Headshot MK Tyler
Senior Coordinator, Student Engagement
The University of Memphis

Event Approval Workflow

Prevent issues before they arise. Help students better plan for events as you approve, deny or request additional information through a centralized event approval process.

Auto-notification Approvals

Conditional fields make it easy to route relevant information and notify the appropriate administrators of events ready for review.

Multiple Reviewer Capabilities

Gather feedback from organization officers, departments and offices campus-wide to ensure events follow all policies and procedures.

Centralized Event Details

Conveniently manage risk from one location to gain clear visibility into all event request details and progress.

Advertising and Promotions

Spread the word and increase online and in-person attendance. Promote your events with multiple promotion features, including easy filters and visual feeds for upcoming events.

Social Media

Share information quickly and watch your events go viral.

RSS Feed

Embed your events on externally hosted websites, or generate daily/weekly emails to share campus news.

Promotional Banners

Help your institution highlight the most important items currently happening on campus.

Involvement App Available on iOS and Android

With just their smart phone, students can discover events, browse and join organizations while staying up to date on RSVPs.


Set and synchronize events with Google Calendar, iCal and Outlook.

Help your students invest in their own success.

Reimagine the possibilities that build and foster student growth and development. Share Engage information with your colleagues.

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