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Take advantage of the only true, purpose-built technology platform for student engagement. With Campus Labs® Engage you can empower your student organization leaders and general student population to build a foundation for long-term success, keeping you focused on designing a more meaningful student experience.

Involvement App

With Corq, students can discover what’s happening from any mobile device. Ensure your students always have the most up-to-date campus event info so they never miss out!

The Essential Role of Co-curricular Programs in Student Success

Student engagement is a statistically significant contributor to positive outcomes and student persistence.

RSVP for Events

Students can complete RSVP pre-event questions and easily review event details under My Events.

Browse and Join Organizations

Help facilitate student organization discovery that matches their interests—all while on the go.

Powerful Filters

Students can quickly filter events based on distance, perks, location, themes, categories and administrative branch.

Virtual Fairs

During fairs, students can review organization profile summaries, join a live chat and—if interested—contact the organization leaders to learn more.

Search or Filter

Help students quickly find the organizations that match their interests with powerful search and filter tools.

Help Desk

During fairs students can access the help desk to engage with your campus experts and get their questions answered.

Live Chat

Students can engage with organization members and leaders so no question goes unanswered.

Micro-Credentials and Badges

Document and celebrate the skills students gain on their college journey with the credentialing power of Milestone.

Bridging the Skills Gap

Badging and credentialing allow institutions to address the needs of different learner types while empowering learners with their own data.

Document Skill Development

Help your students better articulate the value of their experiences and provide verified proof of their competency.

Showcase Achievements

Badges or collections of work samples can be shared via custom e-mail links or on social or career sites, allowing prospective employers, counselors and advisors to give feedback.

Personal and Career Goals

Students can create personal dashboards to track their progress, allowing them to find related job opportunities through our integration with

Download Milestone Brochure PDF Give your students a modern way to articulate their value

Fraternity and Sorority Life

Create an online community for chapters to engage and document their activities. Give prospective members a place to discover more about Fraternity and Sorority Life (FSL) on your campus.

Promote Organizations

Allow non-members to easily find chapters, contact student leaders and learn more through virtual open houses.

Target Communications

Quickly send timely and appropriate messages based on membership and role.

Document Engagement

Track engagement related to membership, position, chapter meetings, FSL events and service hours.

New Student Orientation

Help new students discover events, organizations and services that support their transition to your campus community.

Guided Pathways for Student Success

Two institutions share their approach using Paths that mirror advising models and mentorship programs.

Prospective Students

Encourage prospective students to browse upcoming events and explore organizations to get an idea of what types of engagement your institution offers.

Orientation Groups

Create online groups for accepted students to engage with their orientation leaders and get their important questions answered.

First-Year Pathways

Provide new students a guided pathway of opportunities that will help them discover all your campus has to offer.

Residence Life

Create a one-stop-shop for your communities that enhances student engagement with the many programs and services offered by your department.

Create a Space for Your Campus Partners to Grow

Collaborate with Residence Life to launch a more holistic student experience.

Engage Resident Assistants

Centralize your programming request process and properly delegate approval to key staff members.

Virtual Engagement

Ensure students can find programs for the hall that they live in, add them to their calendar and RSVP.

Consistent Communication

Standardize information sharing through email, news posts, text messages and discussion walls to engage your communities.

Voter Engagement

Our voter engagement integration connects students to voting processes, helps them get registered to vote, fill out absentee ballots and more. Our integration is available in the United States through partnership with TurboVote, and in Canada with Elections Canada.


Help students with voter registration, absentee ballot request assistance and sign up for nonpartisan election reminders.

Elections Canada

Help students update their voter information and get registered to vote.

Watch the Webinar Digital Voter Engagement

Help your students invest in their own success.

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