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Stay on top of the best student engagement features through integrated collaborations with expert technology partners. Support your community with powerful APIs, pre-built data integrations in the Campus Labs solution set and a never-ending commitment to accessibility, privacy and security.

Application Programming Interface (API)

With the most powerful student engagement API available, you’ll discover an advanced way to integrate with your SIS, campus-wide calendar and financial software. IT systems analysts are excited by the variety to filter and process data, claiming it’s one of the most full-featured APIs they’ve worked with.


Designed and documented in Swagger, your IT Administrators will have everything they need to succeed in a familiar format.

Key Management

IT Administrators can securely generate API keys directly and review currently issued keys and their associated permissions.

End Point Methods

GET, POST, PUT and DELETE can be used by your IT Administrators to interact with your engagement data.

If you do chat with your developers, let them know that their API really rocks! They offer a lot of options for filtering and processing all this data. This is one of the best APIs I’ve worked with.

Grand Valley State University Logo Jacob Coddaire
Systems Analyst, University Development – Information Technology
Grand Valley State University

Integrations and Imports

Building fresh relationships with new technologies lead to integrations which provide you with greater efficiencies and a more connected experience. Additionally, you can keep your data flowing with automated secure file transfer protocol (sFTP) to populate user account fields.

Recent Partnerships

Enjoy a more connected future in higher ed through our partnerships with Ad Astra, Accurent EMS, CollegeNet, GivePulse, TurboVote and uConnect.

Automated User Imports

Enhance the first experience students have with Engage by pre-populating their account through automated user imports.

Enhance Reporting

Use automated imports to add demographic or enrollment information to a user's profile for greater reporting detail.

Campus Labs Solution Integrations

Integrating data across multiple product solutions to meet the needs of your institution can be a challenge when data doesn’t flow easily. Engage has native pre-built integrations within much of the Campus Labs eco-system already.


Use your event attendance and/or organizational leadership information to filter survey data, assess the impact of involvement, or compare the results of varying levels of involvement.


Reveal a holistic view into student engagement by exposing co-curricular involvement alongside other key data like grades, class attendance, demographic and pre-enrollment variables.


Recognize student achievement with automated digital badge awards based on actions such as event attendance and path completion.


Visualize operational effectiveness, monitor KPIs and interact with dashboards to unlock a clearer understanding of the student experience.

Accessibility, Privacy and Security

Accessibility is prioritized at the same level as privacy and security and campus administrators commend our proactive and collaborative approach. It requires human context, open conversation and a caring response. Additionally, you'll benefit from various cloud-based security measures at the application, network and physical level to ensure your data won't be compromised.


At the application level, several security measures and coding standards are in place, such as code to guard against common exploitation techniques, rules related to strength of passwords, and staying up-to-date on all security and release updates. Protection at the network level includes features such as dual firewalls, SSL encryption and 24/7 monitoring.

Accessibility Conformance Reports (ACR)

Discover an industry-leading approach to awareness and cultivation of digital access and equality for all your users. We have completed ACRs for Engage using the Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) as reference and can provide these to your IT Administrators for review.

Accessibility Testing

Our development team makes testing a priority when it comes to screen-reader compatibility and WCAG adherence. Assistive technology testing includes Voiceover and Talkback on mobile platforms, NVDA, and JAWS screen readers on desktops, as well as extensions including WAVE by WebAIM, axe by Deque and the Accessibility Scanner by Google and WebAIM’s Color Contrast Checker.

I want to commend you on your commitment to accessibility. So often online products are not accessible and the developers have no interest in making them accessible. Your proactive approach, accessibility testing process and willingness to respond to reports of problems are refreshing and so appreciated.

Student Disability Services
University of Mississippi

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