Skill Recognition and Endorsement

Recognize Abilities at a Fundamental Level

Whether you have created your own organizational or program-specific learning outcomes and competencies—or you wish to utilize existing industry standards from national associations or accrediting bodies—tying your badges and micro-credentials to these frameworks and the individual skills they represent is a key part of providing credible evidence of achievement for your learners.

Predefined or Customized Skill Sets
Access a database of hundreds of predefined skills aligned to industry career paths—or create your own custom skill definitions.

Skill Self-assessments
Encourage learners to document evidence of 21st Century skills, skills related to their existing work experience, or skills they want to work toward achieving.

Endorsements of Achievement
The ability to give or receive endorsements on badges and micro-credentials, work samples, or goals provides additional levels of credibility.

Support Multiple Levels of Credibility

Reliability &​ Replicability

Third-Party or Issuer Endorsed
  • Attestation
  • Upkeep

Verification &​ Authentication

Third-Party Verified
  • Badge Data
  • Earner Identity

Validation &​ Certification

Issuer Asserted
  • Badge Issuing
  • Assessment
Learner Self-Reported
  • Skill Inventories
  • Evidence / Resume

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