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Retention is directly linked to your institution’s ability to help students explore and actualize their full potential. Creating personalized pathways for student success can make all the difference. When each student thrives, so does the entire institution.


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Make better predictions and increase your retention.

With the Campus Labs® platform, you can harness the power of student data to assess the impact of campus programs and customize strategies for individual students. Identify at-risk learners early, match everyone with the right resources, and gain a deeper understanding of student success at every level.


Use data about noncognitive skills such as grit, curiosity, and social comfort for more insight into an individual student’s level of engagement.

Student Advising

Access information such as reports from residence advisors, notes from professors, and self-reported data about the campus experience so you can offer encouragement and advice specific to each student.

Early Alerts

Proactively reach out to at-risk students and send customized suggestions to help them get back on track.

Resource Use & Tracking

Use check-ins at campus events and facilities such as the cafeteria, library, and financial aid office to uncover insights about student behavior and trends.

Predictive Analytics

Make your programming data work even harder so you can highlight your most effective programs, while identifying students you might never have known were at risk.

Engagement & Assessment

Our integrated toolset will enable you to use student data to assess the programs and resources on your campus that best support success.

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The votes are in, and Campus Labs is a trusted partner for campuses when it comes to supporting retention and student success. In September 2016, Campus Technology magazine surveyed hundreds of education professionals for the 2016 Readers’ Choice Awards and asked them to name the best products on the market. We were honored to be recognized as a leader in the category of Student Success & Retention.

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