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Make Your Outcomes
Meaningful, Measurable,
and Manageable

Make an impact on student learning by gaining visibility into academic and co-curricular alignment and performance across your institution. Simplify outcome collection, assessment, and reporting, so you can stop focusing on the process and turn your attention to learning from your progress.

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Learning more from your process, so you can focus on progress.

If your efforts at assessment don’t result in clear opportunities for you to continuously improve, then you need a more effective approach. By simplifying the process of conducting learning outcomes assessment and offering unique and visual tools, the Campus Labs platform offers in-depth data insight allowing you to learn from the process so you can more effectively impact student learning.

Meaningful A deeper dive into outcomes data

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Analyze the Quality of Outcomes Statements

With insightful views into your outcomes statements, you can determine whether or not your institution-wide statements align with their intended measurements. By offering a visual depiction of your outcomes distributed in Bloom's or another assessment taxonomy, you will benefit from a clearer picture of your assessment process leading to improved quality.

Discover Valuable Insights from Outcomes Data

With Outcomes, you’ll be able to track the methods, delivery, and results of the assessments used to measure outcomes at your institution. All the collection methods used are highlighted, so you can better understand the validity of your outcomes data.

Your institution is already conducting learning outcomes assessment, but what are you learning from it? If your assessment efforts—whether focused on general education, program delivery, or even course-level achievement—don’t result in clear opportunities for continuous improvement, then you need a more effective approach.

Measurable Clearer insights into campus-wide progress

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Visualize Progress with Aggregate and Comparative Dashboards

Highly visual comparative reporting offers real-time student outcomes data for all levels of your institution. Compare scales of achievement over time to gain in depth insight into your outcomes progression, allowing you to glean even more valuable data from your assessment process.

Utilize Student Learning Maps and Dashboard Views

Outcomes provides detailed information about student achievement levels for different assessments. Learning Maps—available to both students and advisors—highlight opportunities for further exposure or development of outcomes. Filter and analyze your institutional outcome reports by student demographic information to ensure achievement distribution between academic years, programs, and subpopulations.

Manageable A simplified, scalable process

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Customize and Standardize Data Collection Campus-Wide

The flexibility of the system allows you to customize the terminology used to collect and label outcomes across your institution, while simultaneously generating a standardized institutional framework for your inventory of outcomes. Essentially, each division, program, and course can effectively manage their own outcome assessment while maintaining centralized oversight.

Track and manage outcomes over multiple academic terms and years, allowing you to easily compare scales of achievement between related areas, such as all courses or programs sponsored by a department, or all departments in a division. The flexible and adaptable reporting and visualization tools allow you to explore outcomes data at all levels of the institution.

Bring Your Data Together to Tell A Story

The Campus Labs platform is uniquely positioned to provide the tools you need to dig into your data and tell your institution’s story. Centralize data collection with the Teaching Center, capture evidence of student learning with Rubrics, and showcase how your institution is supporting student learning by connecting the reporting of outcomes achievement to your institution’s accreditation and program review processes. The Outcomes features not only helps to streamline the complex processes of collecting, assessing, and reporting on learning outcomes, they are designed to seamlessly work together within the broader Campus Labs platform.

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Ensuring your outcomes are: Meaningful. Measurable. Manageable.

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