Benchmarking Studies to Guide and Compare Progress

Are today’s students ready for the evolving workplace?

Project CEO (Co-Curricular Experience Outcomes) is an important national benchmarking study highlighting the most desirable soft skills for college students to possess, as identified by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE). The data gathered in Project CEO showcases key learning and job competencies gained through co-curriculars and off-campus employment opportunities, including teamwork, workflow planning, decision-making, verbal communication, and problem solving.

Insights from the Study

Co-curricular experiences are credited most often for developing Teamwork, Intercultural Competence, and Leadership skills.

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Additional Studies Available to You

Campus Activities

  • Preferred means to find out about campus activities
  • Student participation in various campus activities,including their level of involvement and whether they hold leadership positions
  • Outcomes of participating in campus activities
  • Reasons for not participating in campus activities

Residence Life

  • Importance of housing factors on students’ decision to attend the institution
  • Extent of participation in residence life programming (e.g., attend events, plan events)
  • Outcomes of participation in residence life programming
  • Outcomes of experience as a resident assistant

Recreation & Wellness

  • Student utilization of different recreational facilities, activities, and programs
  • Social, academic, emotional, and health-related outcomes of utilizing campus recreation
  • Student satisfaction with facilities, activities, and programs
  • Recreational needs and expectations of students and other constituents

Fraternity & Sorority Life

  • Participation in various aspects of fraternity/sorority life
  • Reasons for participating in fraternity/sorority life
  • Outcomes related to participation in recruitment activities and membership in a fraternity/sorority
  • Perceptions of fraternity/sorority life on campus

Mental Health & Counseling

This benchmark uses the Counseling Center Assessment of Psychological Symptoms (CCAPS), a 62-item validated instrument covering these topics: depression, generalized anxiety, social anxiety, academic distress, eating concerns, family distress, hostility, and substance abuse.

Student Conduct

  • Awareness of student conduct policies
  • Outcomes of participating in the judicial affairs process
  • Perceptions of institutional rules, policies, and procedures

Did you know?

Campus Labs can help you collect focused, actionable data through a variety of benchmarking resources, including:

  • Secure reporting sites showing real-time data
  • Institution-specific reports
  • Peer and national comparison reports
  • Advanced analysis through exported Excel or SPSS data

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