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Campus Labs Awards 2019
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This award is for campuses displaying a commitment to innovation in their practice and use of their Campus Labs tools. These campuses can articulate how their innovative strategies connect to or are defining new standards in the field of higher education.

*The submissions period has closed.

Tune in to @CampusLabs on Twitter during the first full week of November where winners will be announced at noon ET.

  • You must complete our online nomination form.
  • Your campus should be able to provide a detailed description of the development and implementation of your innovative practices, and further explain how Campus Labs tools supported these initiatives.
  • Your campus should be able to describe the way these practices impact or are impacted by the thought leadership that defines the field of higher education today.
Below are some potential ideas and innovations for a campus to showcase in the following impact areas:
Analytics & Insight
  • Successfully breaking down data silos and connecting data across campus
  • Leveraging and disaggregating data to make decisions
Improvement & Accountability
  • Shifting the conversation from external accountability to internal drivers
  • Using student feedback and student voices in processes and decision making
  • Developing plans for retention, enrollment, and other strategic planning processes based on sound data collection and analysis
  • Developing a culture of inquiry
Retention & Success
  • Assessing effective retention strategies
  • Developing innovative programming for special student populations
Student Affairs Assessment
  • Shifting to diverse methods of assessment, such as direct methods, formative assessment, and more
  • Demonstrating involvement of students in the assessment process
  • Actively contributes to accreditation, retention, or other institutional priorities
Student Engagement
  • Applying engagement data in programming and decision making on campus
  • Utilizing the technology to help students capture, articulate, and share their co-curricular experiences
  • Designing an approach to co-curricular learning

Teaching & Learning
  • Embarking on general education redesign on campus
  • Demonstrating the use of rubrics across campus
  • Utilizing student feedback data such as surveys or evaluations to inform curriculum or other designs
  • Utilizing formative assessment to diversify assessment methods
The Trailblazer Award is celebrated with:
  • A trophy and letter of recognition
  • An invitation to present your story at either Connect or Elevate, our annual user conferences
  • One free of charge admission to either Connect or Elevate
  • A $1000 stipend for travel costs, conference fees, or other activities that advance the adoption of Campus Labs solutions

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