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2018 Annual Campus Labs Awards
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Rising Star

This award is for campuses one year or less into the implementation of a specific Campus Labs tool. Rising Star campuses will display how they’re developing strategies to lay the foundation for current and future success.

  • You must complete our online nomination form.
  • Your campus must be actively implementing or have recently completed implementation of your Campus Labs tool.
  • Your campus should be able to describe your implementation process and the strategies that made it successful in involving stakeholders and campus partners.
  • Your campus should be able to document your early successes and timely achievement of implementation milestones.
Implementation Strategy (35%)

The campus can demonstrate the steps and strategies for a successful implementation on campus including any of the following: technological setup, strategic rollout, marketing plan, campus partnerships, and more.

Early Adoption (30%)

The campus can demonstrate measures of successful early adoption through quantifiable evidence as well as early user feedback.

Replicability (20%)

The campus can describe how this strategy or approach can be replicated on other campuses.

Next Steps (15%)

The campus can identify goals or next steps to continue to ensure successful adoption of the Campus Labs tool(s) beyond year one.

The Rising Star Award is celebrated with:
  • A trophy and letter of recognition
  • An opportunity for the campus to share their success story with the Campus Labs membership at an event, conference, webinar, or in a written format
  • An onsite Campus Labs workshop to continue to advance adoption of the product

Which campuses are rising to the top?

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