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2018 Annual Campus Labs Awards
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This award celebrates campuses for launching collaborative, campus-wide programs or practices with the support of multiple Campus Labs products and data insights. This award is not specific to a product and multiple awards may be granted each year.

  • You must complete our online nomination form.
  • At least two units/practitioners on campus must have been involved in the collaboration.
  • Multiple Campus Labs products and data sources must have been leveraged.
  • Your campus must have successfully identified and activated multiple stakeholders and practitioners across campus to solve problems together.
  • Your campus can describe how different products were integrated and strong partnerships were developed across campus to make changes based on the data insight gathered through the support of Campus Labs in pursuit of campus-wide goals.
Partnership (40%)

The campus can describe characteristics of the effective collaborations or partnerships on campus. This may include a description of how the partnerships were established, the collaborative approach to designing or delivering the program or practice, and more.

Product Integration and Impact (30%)

The campus can demonstrate how they utilized multiple Campus Labs products and data insights as a part of this collaborative practice or program.

Benefits (30%)

The campus can articulate the impact of the program or practice on their campus.. Higher consideration will be given to campuses that can draw on quantifiable evidence.

The Collaborator Award is celebrated with:
  • A trophy and letter of recognition
  • An opportunity for the campus to share their success story with the Campus Labs membership at an event, conference, webinar, or in a written format
  • A $500 grant for staff development activities to support continued collaboration

High-five for teams thriving.

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