2017 Annual Campus Labs Awards
Campus Labs Awards Champion Icon - Medal


This award is designed to recognize the individuals who are driving impactful change on campus. Nominated first by Campus Labs consultants for their dedication and quality of work with the Campus Labs platform, Champions can articulate how they’ve utilized the technology to achieve change on campus. They will also be able to identify strategic practices that can be used by other campus administrators to achieve similar outcomes.

  • You must be nominated by a Campus Labs consultant.
  • You must complete the form that is emailed to you upon nomination.
Consultant Nomination (25%)

Judges will consider the initial consultant nomination letter of this individual.

Characteristics of Change (25%)

The individual can describe the characteristics of the impact they are making on their campus through the utilization of their Campus Labs platform.

Benefits (25%)

This individual can provide quantifiable or anecdotal evidence to demonstrate the way the campus has benefited from this individual’s efforts.

Replicability (25%)

This individual can provide strategies or best practices that can be used by other individuals on campus to achieve similar results.

The Champion Award comes with:
  • A trophy and letter of recognition
  • An opportunity to share their success story with the Campus Labs membership at an event, conference, webinar, or written format

Questions? Contact us at awards@campuslabs.com