2017 Annual Campus Labs Awards
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All Star

This award is for campuses that have shown sustained effort and successful adoption of a specific Campus Labs tool by their user base. All Star campuses will also be able to share evidence of the return on investment through the use of Campus Labs.

  • Your campus must have had the Campus Labs tool for more than one year.
  • You must complete our online nomination form.
  • Your campus should be able to reflect on a successful implementation and share strategies for how this implementation laid a foundation for current and future success.
  • Your campus should also be able to provide evidence of impact with data.
The Campus Labs tools are designed for different campus goals and needs, and so success looks different for each one. Below are the specific criteria that judges will consider:
  • Successful staff and/or faculty buy-in and adoption
  • Uses multiple methods of data collection
  • Cultivates a pervasive culture of assessment
  • Demonstrates a systematic use of results and is positively influencing organizational learning and growth
  • Achieves strong success network buy-in
  • Demonstrates uses of data for outreach or programming
  • Shows improved communication between and among students and success network
Course Evaluations
  • Achieves faculty buy-in
  • Achieves consistently high response rates
  • Has developed or adopted a strong instrument
  • Demonstrates a systematic use of results for course and/or program improvement
Engage and OrgSync
  • Successful adoption and increased student usage over time
  • Enhancement of both campus processes and student user experiences
  • Integration with other campus systems or processes to streamline the management of student engagement data
Planning, Outcomes, Program Review, Accreditation
  • Successful staff and/or faculty buy-in and adoption
  • Closing the loop and using data to inform change on a regular and systematic basis
  • Thoughtful approach to planning
  • Encompasses both learning and operations, allowing for an integrated institutional approach to assessment planning
  • Meets internal and external needs
  • Prepares for accreditation and makes continuous improvements
Adoption & Expansion (40%)

The campus has adopted the Campus Labs technology across campus and can showcase how they’ve continued to expand the impact and/or usage of the site.

Scope & Scale (30%)

The campus can describe campus goals and how the Campus Labs tool(s) support(s) the achievement of those goals on campus. The campus may also be judged on the scalability, or the ability for this strategy or approach to be replicated on other campuses.

Value & Benefits (30%)

The campus can demonstrate how the Campus Labs tools have made a positive impact. Campuses may also be judged by their ability to articulate the value of their Campus Labs partnership.

The All Star Award comes with:
  • A trophy and letter of recognition
  • An opportunity for the campus to share their success story with the Campus Labs membership at an event, conference, webinar, or in a written format
  • A $1,000 grant to continue to advance the successful adoption and impact of the tool

Questions? Contact us at awards@campuslabs.com