1,300+ Member Campuses

20 Winners Internationally

The Campus Labs Awards program showcases the improvement and innovation found across all our 1,300 Member Campuses, highlighted by five distinct categories. We are proud to present the following winners of our inaugural year for their continued institutional achievement with Campus Labs.

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All Star Winners

These institutions have achieved outstanding results and sustainable success utilizing Campus Labs.

For creating a sustainable culture of assessment and planning by encouraging staff to gather evidence and make informed decisions, and by adopting Campus Labs Baseline and Planning at an advanced level

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For facilitating the effective use of student feedback data by both faculty and deans, by adopting Campus Labs Course Evaluations at an advanced level

For creating a strong student success network and data-driven approach to retention, by adopting Campus Labs Beacon and Engage at an advanced level

For creating a culture of continuous improvement and then gathering evidence of this for accreditors, by adopting Campus Labs Planning and Accreditation at an advanced level

For continuously expanding their support and understanding of student engagement, by adopting Campus Labs Engage at an advanced level

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Rising Star Winners

Achieving considerable success in their first year, these members have used Campus Labs to drive sustainable improvement.

For using a multi-modal approach to faculty development, and for showing promise in the implementation of Campus Labs Course Evaluations

For thoughtfully engaging departments and stakeholders across both student and academic affairs, and for showing promise in the implementation of Campus Labs Engage

For using an integrated and collaborative approach to managing institutional effectiveness, and for showing promise in the implementation of Campus Labs Planning

For using a strategic approach to implementation that resulted in a vibrant assessment culture among faculty, and for showing promise in the implementation of Campus Labs Baseline and Outcomes

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Trailblazer Winners

By taking a completely innovative approach, these campuses have created new best practices that will allow others to make meaningful gains.

For creating a data-driven student mentoring framework to impact first to second-year retention, while leveraging the capabilities of Campus Labs Beacon

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For using an authentic and mixed-methods approach to assessment of student learning in the area of faith development, while leveraging the capabilities of Campus Labs Baseline

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For actively engaging the college president in all phases of the strategic planning process, while leveraging the capabilities of Campus Labs Planning

For engaging faculty in formative assessment techniques in the classroom, while leveraging the capabilities of Campus Labs Course Evaluations

For executing a general education redesign which resulted in an integrated curricular and co-curricular experience, while leveraging the capabilities of Campus Labs Engage

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Collaborator Winner

Using teamwork across all areas of campus, these members prove that a group effort creates incredible, unstoppable momentum.

For crafting student engagement pathways which benefited from involvement from across campus, while leveraging both Campus Labs Engage and Baseline

Campus Labs Awards Champion Icon - Medal

Champion Winners

With Campus Labs as a key teammate, these exceptional administrators have distinguished themselves as leaders on their campus.

For sparking a national conversation about student learning outside the classroom, and for inspiring countless institutions to use data to tell their story

For bringing people and departments together to advance assessment in student affairs, and for aligning those efforts with institutional goals and outcomes

For utilizing data to influence a change in student success initiatives across the institution, and for inspiring a generation of assessment professionals

For facilitating and sustaining impactful change in assessment practices, including the advancement of research-based department self-study practices at the institution and in the field more broadly

For developing a systematic, comprehensive approach that strengthened the institution's adaptive capacity for responding to change and driving continuous improvement