Introducing Campus Labs Engage®, a Comprehensive Solution for Student Engagement

Introducing Campus Labs Engage

Campus Labs is proud to unveil Campus Labs Engage, the redesigned student engagement solution within our enterprise platform. Inspired by nearly a year of research and collaboration with over 700 Member Campuses, Campus Labs Engage reflects the best of our two current systems: CollegiateLink and OrgSync. In addition to further streamlining the administration of campus organizations and events, the enhanced solution incorporates thoughtful feedback from our Member Campuses.

When Campus Labs first explored the concept of an online student engagement system 12 years ago, the creative result was CollegiateLink. A few years later, OrgSync, then a separate company, developed its own student-targeted approach. In March of 2016, OrgSync joined Campus Labs, and the goal was to use the most popular features of each system to create an even more robust solution. Our product team worked closely with Campus Success consultants to begin innovating a new online system for student engagement. Feedback from staff and students from Member Campuses proved invaluable over this yearlong process.

The next challenge was to come up with a name that could evoke the power of the redesigned system. "We explored a variety of new names, but in the end, our tools and the impressive ways that our Member Campuses use them inspired us to keep it simple," explained Senior Product Manager Ryan O’Connell. "We chose a name that represents our unified vision for student engagement management as we move forward: Engage."

Campus Labs Engage features a redesigned user interface that emphasizes simplicity, mobility, and ease of use. The user experience has been enhanced by a more versatile administrative toolset, including an easy way to manage co-curricular pathways and showcase learning outside the classroom and personal growth.

At this year’s NASPA, ACUI, and ACPA Annual Conferences, the Campus Labs team hosted Member events to announce the branded name and introduce select features of the new system.

Learn more now about Campus Labs Engage, our student engagement solution.