Campus Labs Unveils New Thought Leadership Space

Campus Intel

Buffalo, NY, October 2, 2016 – To better serve administrators and faculty in higher education, Campus Labs has created Campus Intelligence, a unique thought leadership space. Our new website features a blog and a podcast series, as well as a variety of white papers, articles, and webinars. All of the online resources showcase the strategic use of data to support every aspect of an institution’s mission, including assessment, student success and retention, teaching and learning, student engagement, and institutional effectiveness.

“Our team here at Campus Labs, along with many of our professional partners and Member Campuses, have been on the forefront of these key issues for quite some time,” explained Michelle Mierzwa, Director of Brand Strategy. “We’ve created a space that we hope will engage a community of campus professionals who seek to learn and share emerging best practices, revelatory concepts, and data insights in higher ed.”

By bringing together different voices to share creative strategies and uncover valuable insights, this all-in-one thought leadership space is designed to help institutions strengthen their own campus intelligence. Leaders will be empowered to apply data-driven concepts and make better decisions to advance their institutional mission.

“As we thought about what to call this space, we kept coming back to one core fact,” said JD White, Vice President of Product Development. “Today’s institutions face a number of challenges, including declining enrollments and increasing pressure from accreditors. But these also create incredible opportunities to leverage previously hidden information and better insights. This kind of campus intelligence is especially important as successful outcomes continue to be the main theme for 21st-century higher education.”

Campus Labs is committed to helping colleges and universities navigate the ever-evolving higher education landscape. Having partnered with over 1,000 campuses since our founding in 2001, we’ve had the opportunity to work with leading professionals in the field. We’re proud to offer Campus Intelligence as a new resource and look forward to helping leaders reimagine data and the future of higher ed.

Start exploring our Campus Intelligence site now.