With OrgSync Joining Campus Labs, the Power of Data Is Even Stronger

Engagement News

Buffalo, NY, March 1, 2016 – We are excited to announce that OrgSync has joined Campus Labs.

For more than a decade, OrgSync and Campus Labs independently delivered unique and innovative technology to help colleges and universities increase student engagement. Bringing OrgSync into the Campus Labs organization is a true game changer.

“As a unified company, we are now in an ideal position to leverage a greatly expanded student involvement data set to advance engagement and retention,” explains Eric Reich, President and CEO of Campus Labs. “It will be exciting to see what can be accomplished together as a larger contributor to the higher education data ecosystem.”

By combining expertise, Campus Labs is more able and more committed than ever to deliver solutions that can help shape the course of higher education today and into the future.

“We’ve seen the essential impact that co-curricular engagement has on student learning and retention at our Member Campuses,” adds Annemieke Rice, Vice President of Campus Success. “We are eager to keep supporting student affairs professionals and the amazing work they do for their students.”

With the addition of OrgSync, the Campus Labs membership now includes over 1,000 unique colleges and universities.

Member Campuses are invited to learn more by accessing our FAQ list and registering for a virtual meeting about this exciting transition.