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Leadership Team

Leading Campus Labs into the Future of Higher Ed

Our executive team leads with both the head and the heart, channeling their knowledge and passion into breakthrough solutions for our Member Campuses.

Eric Reich
Co-Founder, President

“As soon as Eric talks about the positive effects of data in the changing landscape of higher education, one can’t help but share his enthusiasm for innovation. When he co-founded Campus Labs back in 2001, Eric understood the merits of hard work and how much of it would be needed to drive the buddin... Read more

Michael Weisman
Co-Founder, Vice President, Campus Relations

“When Michael Weisman helped co-found Campus Labs in 2001, he had no inkling of the impact it would have on higher education administration. What began as a simple way to collect student feedback evolved into an expansive and innovative enterprise software platform, offering a complete set of dat... Read more

Sean Casey
Vice President, Corporate Development

“An expert in delivering e-learning and digital content solutions, Sean Casey routinely displays his excitement when helping colleges and universities achieve the crucial balance between effective teaching and administrative efficiency. At Campus Labs, he leads the Campus Relations team and champions the power of ... Read more

Nicole Melander, Ph.D.
Vice President, Strategic Initiatives

“In their mission to further innovate in the world of higher education, Campus Labs is fortunate to have the talents of Dr. Nicole Melander. Serving as the company’s Vice President, Strategic Initiatives, Nicole’s substantial knowledge of the higher education industry gives her the understanding and opportunity ... Read more

Annemieke Rice
Vice President, Campus Strategy

“A self-professed data geek, Annemieke has spent the last decade at Campus Labs helping guide and educate member campuses in their journey to use data more effectively. In doing so, she has consulted with hundreds of higher education institutions seeking to accelerate practice in areas... Read more

Sean Townsend
Vice President, Software Development

“When Campus Labs wanted to take the first big leap to improve their technology, they made the right choice by bringing in Sean Townsend. Joining in 2005 when the company was still in its start-up phase, Sean was instrumental in building and evolving the integration of technologies and infr... Read more

John “J.D.” White, Ph.D.
Vice President, Product Management

“When peers, colleagues, and Member Campuses discuss ed-tech with JD, they are immediately swept up in his enthusiasm for the rapidly evolving field in higher education. A key member of Campus Labs since 2008, he leads the project development team in the ever-evolving quest for supe... Read more

Robert Willer
Vice President, Technology & Operations

"It takes a lot of persistence and commitment to solve technical problems in the ed-tech workplace, but Bob Willer has plenty of experience. As a former IronMan Triathlete, Bob draws from that same strength and resilience to be a proven leader in the continued development of higher educatio... Read more

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