Campus Labs offers a comprehensive approach to planning and assessment in Student Affairs.


  • Strategic goals
  • Annual planning


  • Outcome measures
  • Operational data


  • Student involvement
  • Co-curricular transcripts


  • Student success measures
  • Dashboards and key performance indicators


  • Benchmarking with peers
  • Best practices and national trends


  • Data integration
  • Holistic understanding of student learning

A Culture of Data-Driven Innovation.

Student Affairs professionals use the Campus Labs platform to measure learning, document student involvement, and inform strategic directions. Through sophisticated planning, assessment and reporting tools, divisions and departments can create reporting templates, collect data, benchmark with peers, and use assessment results to improve programs and services. Members also have a dedicated Campus Labs assessment consultant to provide support and share assessment best practices.

The products that make up our comprehensive solution are listed below.

Product Key:
  • Compliance Assist
  • Baseline
  • CollegiateLink
  • Beacon
  • Course Evaluations
If your institution, division, or department is looking to accomplish any or all of the tasks below, the Campus Labs assessment platform provides the necessary technology, resources, and consultation to create a meaningful and sustainable culture of assessment that is easy to implement and accessible for all stakeholders.

Planning and Documentation Tools

  • Track progress towards institutional, divisional, and departmental goals
  • Document learning outcomes and provide evidence of achievement
  • Connect departmental plans to divisional or institutional plans
  • Upload supporting documentation into a document library
  • Utilize pre-loaded planning and program review templates
  • Link planning documents to accreditation self-study reports

Data Collection

  • Direct and indirect methods
  • Mobile data collection
  • Web-based assessments
  • Rubrics
  • Data uploads and imports from student information systems
  • Operational datasets

Link Engagement and Learning

  • Align involvement opportunities with learning outcomes
  • Promote events and communicate with current and prospective students
  • Track student participation in activities and service hours
  • Get students connected to resources to help them succeed
  • Suggest involvement opportunities based on students' self-reported interests
  • Generate co-curricular transcripts

Assessment Reporting

  • Analyze data using robust reporting tools
  • Aggregate student and operational data to create annual reports
  • Create summary views of data through dashboards and key performance indicators
  • Showcase change over time and progress towards goals
  • Document program strengths and opportunities
  • Administrative program review template reports

Peer Comparison Tools

  • Access student and operational benchmarking data
  • Participate in national studies on pressing topics facing higher education
  • View nationally normed datasets
  • Create peer campus comparison reports
  • Build longitudinal datasets for showing change over time
  • Learn strategies and best practices from peer campuses

Connect Assessment Efforts

  • Centralized platform for a comprehensive view of assessment across the division
  • Document the contribution of student affairs to the institutional mission
  • Align learning outcomes both inside and outside the classroom
  • Create opportunities for collaborations across departments with shared learning
  • Link outcomes and engagement data for a comprehensive view of student learning
  • Integrate assessment data with other institutional datasets