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Branded Site

Each accreditation site is fully customized to reflect the look and feel of your institution’s identity.

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Manage workflow and view standards based on status, due date, or individuals tasked with narrative.

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Create a document directory and embed links and source documents within the self-study narrative.

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Standards can be pre-loaded for any national, regional and program-level accreditation.

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Compliance Assist

The Accreditation module within Campus Labs Compliance Assist offers many valuable benefits:

  • Through a paperless process, self-study reports, faculty credentials, and all supporting documents are easily uploaded to a private and secure web site.
  • Accreditation templates for any regional or national accreditation agency are up-to-date and pre-loaded into the system.
  • Ability to grant user-specific permissions, assign due dates, and track progress.
  • Platform is compliant with Texas House Bill 2504.
  • Campus administrators or evaluators can view self-study reports and documentation anytime, anywhere.
  • Site will be provided on a CD/DVD or USB flash drive for final submission to accreditation agency or evaluators.
  • Interim report sections allow you to efficiently maintain accreditation between renewal years.
What our member campuses are saying about Compliance Assist…

“…We used Compliance Assist to present our Fifth-year Interim Report to SACS in
2008 and our Substantive Change document in 2009. Compliance Assist made the preparation
so much less stressful. Uploading documents, keeping track of progress and assignments,
and editing standards was easy, and the final product looks great and works smoothly.
The chair of the SACS committee commented that she liked the format and ease of
viewing the information. Compliance Assist is intuitive and easy to use, the price
is right, and the accrediting committees were very satisfied.”

Sarah Logan, PhDAssistant VP, Institutional Research & EffectivenessAngelo State University, TX

Angelo State University

Custom Branded Site

Organize strategic priorities, annual reports, and assessment plans at the institutional, divisional, or departmental level. Goals, objectives, and outcomes can be linked across planning documents for a comprehensive picture of institutional effectiveness.

Dashboard Views

Accreditation and program review templates are pre-loaded and kept up-to-date as standards change. Templates provide a structure, but campuses have ample opportunity to customize terminology, adjust or add standards, and choose their preferred format for the supporting narrative.

Embed Sources

Create a document directory and embed links and source documents within the self-study narrative.

Accreditation Agencies

In addition to regional accreditation templates, standards can be pre-loaded for any program-level accreditations.

Case Study

Northeast Mississippi Community College

Compliance Assist:
Giving Northeast Mississippi Community College the tools to streamline accreditation and enhance strategic planning

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Skill Level: Beginner

Danny Ryan & Steve Szopinski

Are you struggling with writing an assessment plan? Do you have an assessment plan that it isn’t telling you what you want to know? If you answered yes to either of these questions, this is the webinar for you! During this webinar we will deconstruct the assessment planning process to ensure you are considering the important details in designing a quality assessment plan. Additionally, we will educate you on resources to help you with the assessment planning process.

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Skill Level: Advanced

Kate Griffin

Assessment processes are sometimes limited to posting learning outcomes, listing measures and providing numbers in a report. To know how effectively you are using assessment for improvement, you need to evaluate your campus-wide knowledge and practice. In this session, we will include examples of how to evaluate assessments by asking the right questions and taking action, and share ideas and resources from member campuses-including use of Compliance Assist & Baseline.

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  • August 14, 2014
    TENNAIR - Tennessee Association for Institutional Research
    Nashville, TN
  • September 07, 2014
    SACCR - Southeastern Association for Community College Research
    Huntsville, AL

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