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CollegiateLink is the leading platform to centralize, organize, and increase student involvement opportunities. The platform provides the tools for managing student organizations and encouraging growth and development as students engage in co-curricular activities.

Here are some CollegiateLink highlights we think you, as students, might find useful…

Student Government Leaders

Maximize student involvement on your campus. As Student Government leaders, you may be interested in:

  • Organization Approval
  • Activities Fee Allocation
  • Organization Effectiveness
  • Elections

Organization Leaders

CollegiateLink offers a variety of tools to help manage your campus organization. As leaders, you may be interested in:

  • Roster Management
  • Customizable Organization Profiles
  • Event Promotion
  • Track Attendance

Student Population

CollegiateLink provides a gateway to involvement opportunities and allows you, as students, to document your participation and learning.

Organize Your Co-Curricular Activities

  • My Involvement page puts all your activities in one place so you can easily manage memberships, interests, service hours, and more
  • Co-Curricular Transcript provides a printable record of your involvement history
  • Notification Preferences lets you decide how you want to receive communication from each of your groups

Find the Right Opportunities for Involvement

  • Recommendation Tools suggest groups or activities based on your personal interests
  • Organization Directory views let you browse, search, and sort through all the activities you can join
  • Group websites are profiles customized by organizations to show their contact information

Get in the Know and Engage

  • Virtual Flyer Board highlights upcoming events so you can pick out interesting activities to attend
  • Events Calendar gives you more detail on campus-wide events
  • Campus News shows you who’s talking about what, the latest announcements and details, and other student organization activity
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What our member campuses are saying about CollegiateLink…

“As Vice President of Finance for the Undergraduate Student Government, I and my committee are responsible for the allocating and disbursing of funds to approximately 150 student organizations. Before CollegiateLink our process used Microsoft Excel and paper forms and was rather time intensive. The Vice President is expected to run a funding meeting where the budgets of all the organizations for the next semester are allocated. The amount of time that the Vice President of Finance was expected to contribute on that weekend was approximately thirty hours. We just completed our first semester of using the financial system in CollegiateLink and the time commitment for that weekend has already dropped more than fifty percent.”

Colin DowneyStudent, Case Western Reserve University

Case Western Reserve University

Questions about CollegiateLink? Contact a Campus Labs representative.

Get in the Know

CollegiateLink’s virtual flyer board highlights upcoming events so you can pick out interesting activities to attend. There is also a campus-wide event calendar and a campus news page that show you who’s talking about what, the latest announcements, and other organization activity details.

Get Involved

A searchable organization directory lets you browse and sort through all the activities you can join. If you want to save time, you can also use CollegiateLink’s recommendation tool which suggests organizations and events for you based on your personal interests.

Get Organized

CollegiateLink puts all your activities in one place so you can easily manage memberships, interests, service hours, and more. You can customize your profile information and control privacy and notifications settings all from one place.

Showcase Your Achievements

With the click of a button you can produce a co-curricular transcript which serves as a printable record of your participation in activities and events. The transcript is a great way to provide additional evidence of your involvements and achievements when applying for honors, awards, internships, graduate schools, or even jobs.

Profiles and Social Media

Advertising and promoting your group is a great way to get new members. Your organization will automatically get a website with a unique URL that can be customized without any knowledge of HTML. You can also edit the content directly from the site and also integrate your social media presence on Facebook or Twitter. As an organization leader you can grant the ability to edit site content to other officers or club members.

Roster Management

Typing up membership sign-up sheets is a thing of the past! Invite new students to join your organization online and promote existing members into officer positions. CollegiateLink’s roster toosl will help you search for contact information, change membership security access, and send out e-mails or text messages (SMS) to individual members or the entire group.

Officer Elections

Tired of paper ballots? Set up customized elections with candidate bios and photos and then export your voting results to see the winners. Elections can be restricted to specific members or open to your entire organization. Ballots can include a variety of question types including single or multiple-choice, ranking, and write-ins.

Document Storage

Time to pass on the torch for your group? Maintain an archival record of your organization’s activities and pass down files from year to year. Online record-keeping can help you organize anything from weekly meeting minutes to event photo albums. You’ll be able to control security access too, in order to decide whether you want your files restricted to the organization or open to the world to view through your group’s website.

Organization Approval

If your student government is responsible for approving organizations on campus, you can set up customized registration request forms for new clubs and activities to be created or for existing groups to renew their status for the upcoming academic year.

Activities Fee Allocation

If your student government is responsible for allocating activities fee money to organizations you can use CollegiateLink’s financial tools to give each group an account from which they can request funding or payments. Organization leaders can see their balance in real-time and their accounts may be tied to university financial systems for reporting, reconciliation, or check-cutting processes.

Organization Communication

Need to contact all the members of your group or just a few select officers? CollegiateLink gives you the tools to send messages to other students directly through the system, by e-mails, or even with text messaging!

Service Hour Tracking

Giving back to your campus community is important. With CollegiateLink, you can keep a record of the service hours you’ve individually completed or even track hours for all the members of an entire organization. You can approve the hours your organization members submit and easily report on your group’s service activities when applying for campus service awards.

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Creating a nationally recognized ‘Culture of Engagement’ that prepares students for future success.

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Skill Level: Intermediate

Dan Norton

This session is centered on demonstrating ways that CollegiateLink can assist with tracking students’ co-curricular involvement. Learn about the customizable co-curricular transcript, student self-reported experiences, tracking attendance at events though card swiping. This presentation is designed for primary administrative users along with their colleagues across the Division of Student Affairs.

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Skill Level: Beginner

Annemieke Rice

Join us as we highlight the results of the NACA-sponsored Survey of Assessment Practices, Attitudes, and Aptitudes in the Student Activities Profession. This survey was established with the intent to measure the average capacity, familiarity, and attitudes that student activities professionals have in relation to managing and conducting assessment in their area. In addition, the survey collects information on current efforts and challenges of assessment-related activity. NACA and Campus Labs assessment professionals carried out a joint review of the findings and made several recommendations regarding NACA’s opportunities for promoting assessment in the field of student activities. Guest Presenter: Dr. Sandra RouseDr. Sandra Rouse, Director of Education and Research, NACA. Sandra comes to NACA after working 14 years in Higher Education and Student Affairs. She completed a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology at Columbia College and a Master’s degree in Student Personnel Services with an emphasis in Counseling at the University of South Carolina. She earned her Ph.D. in Higher Education Administration at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.



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Skill Level: Beginner

Kevin Bates

This webinar will explore strategies for successfully branding and marketing your CollegiateLink site. From the initial rollout (and the all-important student buy-in) to maintaining an interesting, relevant, and well-publicized CollegiateLink site, this webinar will outline the philosophical principles behind such marketing efforts and offer various examples of what our member campuses are doing to get students engaged. Angie Royal, Director of Student Life and Leadership at Lindenwood University will co-facilitate and offer her insight based on campus experience. Guest Presenter: Angie RoyalAngie Royal earned her Bachelor’s degree in Workforce Education Development with an emphasis on Business Education and a Master’s in Higher Education with an emphasis on College Student Personnel. She began her work in higher education at Southern Illinois University – Carbondale, her alma mater, where she served as an admissions counselor, a special events coordinator, a recruitment and retention coordinator and, ultimately, the Director of New Student Programs. In July of 2012, Angie joined Lindenwood University in St. Charles, MO as the Director of Student Life and Leadership. In her current capacity, she is responsible for facilitating and scheduling campus activities, coordinating student organizations, managing the Student Union, and overseeing student leadership development.

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