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Turn data into insight by providing easy-to-use reporting to campus administrators.

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Get the
Whole Picture

Quickly get a full picture of a student’s success story from an expanded data set.

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Student Success

Provide students with customized recommendations and plans of action for continued growth.

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Collect with

Easy-to-use web and mobile collection tools to get the information your campus needs.

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Utilize data to support student success.

Parents, students, and other stakeholders are asking how campus administrators and faculty are helping
students to achieve their academic and career goals. Supporting student success requires campuses to
illuminate the markers of success. While students may have differing paths that guide them in completion of
their education, institutions provide students markers to assist them on their journey.

Campus Labs has created Beacon to help institutions utilize data in supporting student success.

Campus Labs Beacon

  • Alert
  • Predict
  • Act

Campus Labs Beacon is a web-based solution focusing on six factors that are the strongest
predictors of student retention and persistence, asking students questions about everything
from their social skills and confidence levels to their attitude toward learning.

By measuring cognitive ability as well as non-cognitive skills, Beacon is able to classify each student,
produce reports for students and advisors, and recommend campus-wide resources for at-risk students.

Unlock Information

Turn data into insight for supporting student success by giving campus administrators easy-to-use reporting tools to better understand the students with whom they work.

Get the Whole Picture

Quickly get a full picture of a student’s success story from an expanded data set and advisor notes.

Student Success Tools

Provide students with customized recommendations and plans of action to use their strengths and learn resources for supporting their opportunities for growth.

Collect with Confidence

Collecting information about students through the web and mobile devices means that you can count on getting the responses that help reveal success at your campus.

Case Study

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Campus Labs White Paper:
Identifying More At-Risk Students with an Expanded Data Set focuses on current practices in identifying at-risk students and provides administrators insights that may help them in vetting early alert systems

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Skill Level: Intermediate

Katie Felton

Though the Student Strengths Inventory & Continuing Student Assessment are powerful instruments on their own, there is a lot more Beacon users can do to maximize their retention and student success efforts. In this webinar, we will discuss best practices for launching these instruments as well as adding custom institutional questions to capture important campus-specific data. We will also provide examples of questions across a variety of topics and populations, including financial aid, mental health, and first-year experience, all of which can be included as custom questions and Baseline triggers for ongoing assessment efforts. Though the webinar will not get into thorough technical detail, we will provide an overview of the purpose and concept of custom questions and triggers.

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Skill Level: Beginner

Allison Laske

Beacon enables you to retain more students by utilizing data to support student success. Understanding how the Beacon platform can help connect your success intervention teams and make them more efficient is a key outcome of this presentation. Join us for an overview of the concepts that make Beacon work as well as a walkthrough of the system.

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  • September 29, 2014
    EDUCAUSE - 2014 Annual Conference
    Orlando, FL
  • October 08, 2014
    NACADA - National Academic Advising Association Annual Conference
    Minneapolis, MN

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