Introducing the power of two.

OrgSync joins Campus Labs to drive student engagement to the next level.

We’ve united behind the shared mission of building a strong foundation for campuses to gain valuable insights and make more informed decisions. We understand the powerful impact of co-curricular involvement on student learning and retention, and we’re focused on helping institutions strengthen student engagement.

Adding OrgSync to the Campus Labs organization is a true game changer. As a unified company, we are now in a perfect position to leverage a greatly expanded student involvement data set to advance engagement and retention. We are more committed than ever to delivering solutions that can help shape the course of higher education today and into the future.

We’ve listened to you. We’ve learned a lot. And we’re on the job!

While development on both our OrgSync and CollegiateLink platforms is still ongoing, we’re also actively building our evolutionary application.

Your feedback has provided us with helpful information and keen insights. We’re looking forward to offering you a more versatile student engagement platform—one that will be built on the data infrastructure of Campus Labs, rooted in the administrative power of CollegiateLink, and with the attention to design and usability of OrgSync.

March 1 – We announced that OrgSync has joined the Campus Labs organization.

March – Updates are shared at member meetings during the ACPA, ACUI, and NASPA annual conferences.

April 4 – A virtual meeting is hosted for OrgSync and CollegiateLink Member Campuses.

April 28 – First meeting of the Student Engagement Joint Advisory Committee

May 11 – OrgSync and CollegiateLink campuses are invited to complete a survey and share their feedback

June 15-17 – The Connect Conference in Dallas brought together over 159 member campuses from across the globe to discuss and immerse in all things student engagement. We also announced our plan to make our future student engagement offering available starting in summer of 2017.

July 20 – Follow-up email sent to OrgSync and CollegiateLink members recapping announcements made at Connect 2016

November – Student survey data collection

Summer 2017 – Initial availability of our evolutionary student engagement tools


As we continue on our journey the following values are top-of-mind and present in our daily work.

  1. Remembering that our fist priority is to help campuses create life-changing moments for students

  2. Listening closely to the field and students

  3. Maintaining the continuity of historical data in your current application

  4. Respect for the seasonality of institutions, administrators, and students

  5. Careful attention to improving where we can, while retaining our strengths

  6. Clear information dissemination

  7. Continuing to cultivate a dynamic member campus community